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Chester Library Meeting Room

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The meeting rooms of the Chester Library may be reserved for public gatherings when not being used for Library programs. Permission to use the Library meeting rooms in no way implies Library sponsorship or endorsement of any group or its program.

The rooms are available as described below to not-for-profit groups only and must be reserved using a Chester Library Card.

The Larison Room

The Larison Room may be used by groups of 10-100 persons. Groups with less than 10 persons may reserve a Group Study Room. The Larison Room may be reserved by the same individual or group no more than once in a calendar month except by approval of the Director or Director’s designee.

The Larison Room is available for use until 11:00 pm daily and must be reserved in advance. If the room is used when the Library is closed, it is the responsibility of the using group to turn out the lights and securely lock the door. If the room is to be used on a day when the Library is closed, the designated representative will need to obtain the key from the Front Desk on the preceding day. The key is to be left in the book drop after the room is vacated. Food and non-alcoholic beverages are permitted. No food is to be left in the room. Smoking is prohibited in the Library building.

Group Study Rooms

The Library has two Group Study Rooms. These rooms are intended for study and research by no more than 10 persons. Groups of between 10 and 20 people may reserve both Group Study Rooms. A group study room may be reserved by the same individual or group no more than four times in a calendar month for no more than three hours each time except by approval of the Director or Director’s designee.

The Larison Room and Group Study Rooms may be reserved as described below. The Library reserves the right to refuse, on a case-by-case basis, a reservation request when it would monopolize the rooms for one group at the expense of others. Library needs will take priority over other uses, as when the Library serves as proctor for a test. In this case, the Library does the scheduling for the test-taker.

General Meeting Room Rules

  1. Rooms not previously reserved are available on a first-come, first-served basis.
  2. Use of the Group Study rooms is limited to three hours per day. However, if the rooms are not scheduled by other groups, users may remain but must vacate when another group wants a room.
  3. Reservations may be made using the online reservation system  or by calling the Library at 879-7612 and are subject to approval by the Director or Director’s designee.
  4. Reservations will be forfeited if not claimed within 15 minutes of the reservation time.
  5. The person who reserves the room will be responsible for any damage to the room or its furnishings.
  6. Group Study Rooms may not be reserved by an individual for their sole use. The Quiet Study Room at the rear of the Library is available for individuals who require a quiet place to study or work. No reservation is needed for the Quiet Study Room.
  7. Group Study Rooms may not be reserved for use by tutors without prior approval of the Library Director or the Director’s designee.
  8. Meetings may not disrupt the use of the Library by others. Users are subject to all Library rules and regulations and may be asked to leave if they do not abide by them. Users shall maintain proper order and adhere to all applicable state, federal and municipal regulations.
  9. All meeting room applications must be approved by the Director or Director’s designee. One adult twenty-one (21) years or older must be in attendance when minors use the Larison Room.
  10. Solicitation of money (including admission charges, dues, donations or sales) is prohibited.
  11. Preparation of the rooms for the meeting and clean-up following the meeting are the responsibilities of the group requesting the use of the rooms. The group will also be responsible for any damage to Library property, including carpet cleaning if necessary.
  12. Groups are responsible for notifying the Library of cancellation of any meeting or program.
  13. The group must furnish all supplies and materials needed. The Library cannot undertake to care for or store any material for groups using the meeting rooms.
  14. The Library staff will not be responsible for the supervision of children while adults are attending meetings.
  15. Meetings do not have to be open to the public.
  16. A Library staff member may be present at any time during any meeting.
  17. Any advertising or publicity for a program must include the phrase “not a Library-sponsored activity.”

Written or electronic application for use of the Meeting Rooms must be submitted to the Director or Director’s designee for approval or disapproval prior to the time of the meeting, but not more than twelve (12) months in advance. All applications must be approved by the Library Director or Director’s designee and will be considered in the order of their receipt.

The Library Board of Trustees reserves the right to cancel or suspend any permission granted to any group or organization that violates these regulations.

The Library Board of Trustees reserves the right to waive regulations at its discretion.

Reserve a room now. By clicking here and submitting a reservation, the user acknowledges having read the above policies and agrees to abide by them.

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