Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary loan is a transaction in which one library borrows an item directly from another library on behalf of a patron.

Interlibrary loan is not a substitute for developing our collection and will be used to obtain specific items outside the scope of our collection or for items no longer available from the publisher. The Chester Library will exhaust local resources first, including its own collection and that of other public libraries in M.A.I.N. (Morris Automated Information Network). If an item is not available within M.A.I.N. we will search for it first within New Jersey and second nationally.

For our patrons: We will request items only for persons holding valid Chester Library cards. Items in the M.A.I.N. catalog may be requested online. There is no charge for this service.  For materials borrowed from other sources, any lending and photocopy fees charged to us will be the obligation of the patron. Please tell us the maximum amount you are willing to pay at the time you request an item. There is not normally a postage charge to our patron, but we do reserve the right to charge if a large number of items are requested. We will notify our patron when an item has been received. In general, books less than six months old are not available and we may consider these titles for purchase. Audiovisual materials and textbooks are not usually available for interlibrary loan. We do not limit the number of requests from an individual but reserve the right to process not more than 5 requests per day per individual.

For other libraries: We will accept requests for materials electronically through JerseyCat. We generally do not lend audiovisual materials outside of Morris County. Books less than six months old are generally not available. Requests for available items are filled within 24 hours. We do not charge fees and lend for 28 days.

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